photography / Pre Convention

Pre-Convention Portfolio

ahs_prohibited_1000_0265_b“Event Zone”
Cleveland, Ohio
July 17, 2016

ahs_gahan_haskins_1000_0273“Ganan Haskins”
Trump Supporter – “Because Trump will act.”
New York, New York
July 17, 2016
“Immigration is the source of all our problems. The system is corrupt. Corporate. Government.”

ahs_vip_suite_1000_0255“Quicken Loans Arena”
VIP Suite
July 17, 2016

ahs_greenfield_1000_0243“Quicken Loans Arena Pre-convention”
July 17, 2016

“Quicken Loans Arena Pre-convention Tech Check”
July 17, 2016

“Face the Nation – Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour”
Quicken  Loans Arena
July 17, 2016

All photographs by Allen Spore.

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