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Iowans at the Convention


At last night’s opening session of the GOP Convention, Johnson County members of the Iowa delegation  were in short supply. We did have a chance to chat with alternate delegate Westhenry Ioerger of Alden.

The two main issues for the 19 year-old are religious freedom and agriculture. He commented: “He (presumptive nominee Donald Trump) hasn’t been clear on either one of them, so I’m still waiting to hear from him.

He previously interned for the Ted Cruz campaign.

– Jon Winet
July 19, 2016 9:30 EDT

July 20 Update: we had a chance to follow-up with Mr. Iowerger on the second night of the GOP convention, asking him to share his thoughts on the issue of religious freedom. Citing the case of Betty and Dick Odgaard, owners of a wedding chapel who closed down their business rather than serve gay customers. He felt that current law impings on their freedom, adding that as a Menonite, he “can’t do anything that celebrates sin.”


2 thoughts on “Iowans at the Convention

  1. The Iowa alternative should look at the number of pigs on the Trump staff to find his answers on agriculture. The people practicing the Islamic faith are also looking for religion freedom.


  2. Wonderful portrait photograph. I too will be interested to hear what Trump has to say about agriculture, dear Westhenry!


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