GOP Day 2 / photography

Chris Christie Main Stage


For those of you who missed it: after shamelessly working the floor the previous night, NJ Governor Chris Christie took center stage in a memorable red meat performance last night during which he acted as chief prosecutor of Hillary Clinton’s record. To each charge he leveled – on Benghazi, use of a private email server, Syria and more, the delegates were invited to render a verdict. Crowd roars of “GUILTY” were frequently interspersed with subsequent rhythmic chants of “LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP.”

Later in the evening, Governor Christie was spotted back on the floor, trailed by reporters and fans.


— Jon Winet

[Bottom photograph: Governor Christie on the floor. July 18.]

2 thoughts on “Chris Christie Main Stage

  1. Ugh. His “speech” was horrible and literally gave me nightmares. What an odious man he is. Great pictures, Jon. I hope you haven’t suffered too much this week.


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