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Dispatch 8: Pay, Pal


ONE of the many future horrors of a Trump Presidency glimpsed last night was an unholy alliance between Trump and Silicon Valley. Unctuous tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel, looking and sounding like the ghost of Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn, said, “I build things. So does Donald Trump. And we need to rebuild America.”

Thiel co-founded PayPal, invested early in Facebook (he’s the character in The Social Network that writes Mark Zuckerberg a half-a-million dollar check to get him to betray his partner), and now runs Palantir Technologies (“Palantir,” from the seeing stones in The Lord of the Rings), a mass surveillance software company with a lot of government contracts, with the DOD-NSA, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CIA. Their big data analysis is also used by big banks, hedge funds, and financial services firms. Palantir has been valued at $15 billion dollars, and Thiel is its largest shareholder.

Though gay, Thiel has supported candidates like Ted Cruz who has advocated the most extreme homophobic policies, and is an outspoken opponent of multiculturalism and political correctness. He co-authored a book about it, titled The Diversity Myth: Multiculturalism and Political Intolerance on Campus.

Imagine, for a moment, what would happen in America and in the world if Trump joined forces with men like Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Peter Thiel.

One of the many things Trump & Thiel agree on is their shared contempt for the Free Press. Trump has called the press the “world’s most dishonest people,” and said (Tweeted): “The media is really on a witch-hunt against me.” One of the planks of Trump’s unofficial platform is to change the libel laws in the U.S. to make it easier for aggrieved persons to sue journalists when they don’t like what they say about them.

As we know, Thiel recently secretly funded the many lawsuits intended to put web publisher Gawker Media out of business.

Trump has made it clear that the “censors, critics, and cynics” in the Liberal Media will do and say anything to keep the rigged system in place. They must be stopped.

At the Republican National Convention over the past four days and nights, the media has been tolerated, but not welcomed. Access is grudgingly given, but always within strict bounds. The bright yellow-hatted whips on the floor, who orchestrate all “spontaneous” movements and outbreaks among the delegates (and throw out all unauthorized outbreaks like the one by Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin during Trump’s speech), and all images, keep a wary eye on photographers and other journalists. If they don’t like how you look, you’re out. My Secret Service credential has this disclaimer printed on its back: “This pass is a nontransferable, revocable license that may be revoked at any time for any reason.”

Imagine this extended outside the high-security Q, to the world at large, under a “Law and Order” Trump Presidency.

David Levi Strauss
Friday, July 22, 2016, 11:55 am

[Photograph by Jon Winet. July 21, 2016. GOP Convention Floor, Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland Ohio. Click on the images to see an enlargement.]

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One thought on “Dispatch 8: Pay, Pal

  1. While this has been going on, in Turkey an attempted coup (which may or may not have been orchestrated) has brought martial law crashing down on their fragile democracy and thousands of people who are suspicious (including many university professors) have lost their jobs overnight. Here, we’re also entering into Wag the Dog territory, where respect for critical thinking is spurned for fact-less strategic assertions to consolidate power.
    And how can Peter Thiel ignore the 2016 Republican Platform INCLUDES THESE PROVISIONS: 1. Overturn the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states. 2. Oppose government discrimination against businesses or entities that choose to discriminate against LGBT by refusing them service. 3. Mandate that all children adopted deserve a married mom and dad. 4. Make ‘conversion therapy’ legal for minors (parents can force their LGBT kids to conversion therapy). For a party which claims to want to eliminate ‘big government’ it instead is embracing the removal of choice from our lives. That is not freedom, it is fascism.


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