GOP Day 4 / Video

From the Arena: Becky Burger

Texas Delegate Becky Burger. From the Quicken Loans Arena on the  final evening of the 2016 GOP National Political Political Convention. July 21, 2016

Maureen O’Reilly, student reporter and Power 2016 stringer assisted in this and five other interviews. Below are her observations:

BECKY Berger of Texas, initially hesitated to move from her folding chair against the wall but ultimately couldn’t resist the spotlight. Berger confidently agreed to be interviewed and launched into the topic before the photographer was ready.

Admonished, Berger wrung her hands and waited. Her unflappability reared its head once the spotlight of her second chance illuminated. Berger, a member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, eagerly spoke about the role of women in politics. She got a degree in geology to pursue work in the oil industry. Berger launched into to topic like a woman with a chip on her shoulder. After the interview, Berger proudly stated that whenever she does radio ads and the like, she’s a one-take kind of girl.

— Maureen O’Reilly
July 22, 2016

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