GOP Day 4 / Video

From the Arena: Marie Davis

Delegate Marie Davis, president of the Palm Beach Republican Club. Final evening of the 2016 GOP National Political Political Convention. July 21, 2016

Maureen O’Reilly, student reporter and Power 2016 stringer assisted in this and five other interviews. Below are her observations:

An alternate delegate from Palm Beach City, Florida, Marie Davis’s outfit was adorned with elephants. Her black suit jacket sported a chain of gold embroidered elephants around the cuffs and Davis’ necklace of a silver elephant’s side profile was the size of a small hand. The striking necklace hangs slightly lower than a choker and the light it reflected competed with the sparkle in her eyes. When asked if she wanted to talk about women in politics or what keeps her up at night. Davis’s eyes intensify at the mention of the latter.

— Maureen O’Reilly
July 22, 2106

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