GOP Day 4 / Video

From the Arena: Viviane Freije

Puerto Rico Delegate Viviane Freije . From the Quicken Loans Arena on the final evening of the 2016 GOP National Political Political Convention. July 21, 2016

Maureen O’Reilly, student reporter and Power 2016 stringer assisted in this and five other interviews. Below are her observations:

Viviana Freije is an alternate delegate from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Smartly dressed, Freije’s appearance alludes to her former job as a financial advisor in New York City. She’s now a stay at home mom of two children. At 37, Freije is delighted when the photographer asks for her age. Freije immediately latches onto the topic of immigration, stating that Trump’s strict ideas for border control drew her to the presidential nominee. “We need to be tough with the rest of the world,” Freije said.

— Maureen O’Reilly
July 22, 2016


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