DNC Day 1 / photography

DNC Day 1 Portfolio

Photography by Jon Winet on the first day of the 2016 Democratic Party Political Convention. Click on the images to see an enlargement. Note  that once the conventions are well in sight in the rear view mirror, we’ll be adding more captioning information.

four_monitors_00556_1000 •  New York Delegation Hotel

ny_delegation_room_00551_1000 •  New York Delegation Room

filing_center_00574.jpg •  Media |  Press Filing Center

media_filing_center_pano_00610_600H•  Media |  Press Filing Center Panorama

cameraman_silhouette_00677_1000•  Podium Cameraperson

blue_hall_6664_1000•  Blue Hall Video Break


nc_delegate_kennis_wilkins_6675_1000• North Carolina Delegate Kennis Willis

charlie_rangel_6637_1000.jpg•  New York 13th Congressional District Representative Charlie Rangel

scott_pelley_00585_1000•  Scott Pelley CBS News

troubled_water_6689_1000.jpg • Paul Simon “Troubled Water” stage

michelle_on_stage_side_view_00687_1000• First Lady Michelle Obama

michelle_banners_man_with_hat_1000_00697.jpg • Michelle sticks | man with side cap


• Bernie

bernie_addreses_convention_wide_00761_1000 • Bernie

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