DNC Day 2 / photography

DNC Day 2 Portfolio

Photography by Jon Winet from the second day of the 2016 Democratic Party Political Convention. Click on the images to see an enlargement. Note  that once the conventions are well in sight in the rear view mirror, we’ll be adding more captioning information.

media_center_hrc_00801_!000• Press Filing Center

us_house_women_00813_1000• Democratic women of the U.S. House of Representatives

Reporter reacts to Mothers of the Movement presentation


• Sybrina Fulton, mother of  Trayvon Martin.Link  to Movement of Mothers presentation.


•  Delegates reacts to Mothers of the Movement presentation

brent_oleson_corey_jones_00844_1000• Iowa Delegates Brent Oleson and Corey Jones

• Stick Signs Cache

america_change_makers_stands_6826_1000• North Carolina Delegation
floor_reporters_6768_1000.jpg• Floor Production

2016_rest_stop_2_6799_1000• Unofficial 2016 Convention Rest Area

wjc_big_screen_iowa_00895_1000• William Jefferson Clinton

•Hillary Clinton Live from New York

alicia_keyes_6840_1000• Alicia Keyes

• Meryl Streep



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