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Iowans at the Convention: Brent Oleson and Corey Jones


For  Corey Jones [r], a nineteen year-old Anamosa High School graduate, the overriding issue in politics is getting big money out of it.  He notes that the Black Lives Matters movement is something of immediate importance.

Mr. Jones will be attending UNI this fall, majoring in Political Science and Business.

Marion-based Brent Oleson is a Linn County Supervisor for District 4. He sees addressing income inequality as key. “It’s this growing divide. I think people feel out of touch with the political and economic system.”

As the father of a 10 and 13 year old, he counsels his children to question authority, and to “do something to change your own space.”  He adds: “I try to do everything in my little sphere to make a positive difference.”

Among his many endeavors, he is working with Monarch Zones in Cedar Rapids on the restoration of butterfly habitats and Monarch butterfly repopulation.

They are both members of the Iowa Delegation. At 17, Mr. Oleson attended the 1988 Republican Party National Convention as a “starry-eyed” delegate, and in 2012, supporting Ron Paul’s bid for the GOP nomination.

— Jon Winet

[Photograph:  Convention Floor, Iowa Delegation. July 26, 2016 during the “Mothers of the Movement” presentation. Click on the images to see an enlargement.]

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