DNC Day 3 / photography

DNC Day 3 Portfolio

Photography by Jon Winet from the third day of the 2016 Democratic Party Political Convention. Click on the images to see an enlargement. Note that once the conventions are well in sight in the rear view mirror, we’ll be adding more captioning information.

wells_fargo_center_00940_1000•Wells Fargo Center

stand_00943_1000•  Stand

transmitter_tower_00944_1000 • Transmitter

• Nina Turner Protest

•  Bernie Sanders protest, Media Filing Center

noemi_tungui_ban_fracking_6872_800w• Noehmi Tungaï, LA County resident CSU-Nothridge student

chinyere_ndodim_jack_00960_1000• Chinyere Nnodim Jack, Patterson, CA during Christine Leinonen presentation

jeff_valenson_00958_1000•  Jeff Velenson, Los Angeles, CA during Christine Leinonen presentation

scott_pelley_crowd_6909• Scott Pelley, CBS News on the Convention Floor

•  Iowa 1st Vice Chair Danny Homan

•  Nicole Wallace

obama_iowa_01060•  Barack Hussein Obama. Final Convention address as President.

•  Thank you.

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