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Dispatch 30: The Elites


IT is the elites and their elite thinking that has screwed everything up for us. Elite thinking is dominated by political correctness. Their political correctness has caused them to put the welfare of Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, and others over our own needs. These groups are fine, but the elites act like these groups are better than us, more deserving. But Blacks, Hispanics, and Gays didn’t build this country. We did.

The elites have let illegal immigrants get away with coming into our country and taking all the good things that were meant for us. They’ve let China and other countries take our jobs and then sell us back our own goods at inflated prices. They’ve given away everything our parents and grandparents worked for in unfair trade deals. Because they feel guilty about American power and dominance in the world, they’ve given up too much in trade.

Hillary Clinton represents the elites. She wants open borders. She wants to throw open the door and let everyone in, even Radical Islamic Terrorists who want to destroy us. She’s weak. Elites are weak. They spend all their time thinking about how to take more from us and give it to politically correct groups. They have all kinds of excuses for why this is a good thing to do, but we just keep losing things.

When we look back, all we see is us losing things. We used to be on top, but now we’re on the bottom. Maybe we should just give up and take welfare, like all the politically correct groups. But that’s not our way. We’re not like the Takers. We’re Givers, like Donald Trump. He fought his way up and made something of himself, and now he’s trying to give us hope, and a way forward.

He sees through the elites. He knows them. He could be with them if he wanted to be, but he chose to be with us. He understands us. He loves us. The elites hate him because of this. The elite media will do anything to bring him down. But we see through their attempts to demean and destroy him. They just can’t stand that we love him. It drives them crazy.

When this is all over, we’ll be on top again. Order will be restored. We’ll take our country back. Trump will make everything work like it used to. He’ll make everything okay again. We’ll go back to the way it was, before the elites took over. We’ll be nice to the politically correct groups, but we’ll be on top. This is the way it’s supposed to be. It’s only right.

David Levi Strauss
Saturday, October 15, 2016

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[Photography: Jon Winet. July 18, 2016.   Renaissance Cleveland Hotel.  Cleveland, Ohio. Click on image to see an enlargement.]

2 thoughts on “Dispatch 30: The Elites

    • Hi Dominique, it’s been a long time. How are you?

      Don’t you recognize the voice? It’s the voice of many of the people I grew up with in Chapman, Kansas. It’s the voice of many of my neighbors now, here in Ulster County. It’s the voice of millions of Americans who are about to vote for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.


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