NB: This area of the web will be used primarily as an archive of the photography upon completion of the project. For now, we invite you to visit posts associated with the category “Photography” to see work. Below is a small selection of earlier work.





“Waiting for Donald.”
The University of Iowa Field House
Iowa City. Iowa.
January 26, 2016

Image from the Archive
“Camera Stand”
Convention Floor, Time Warner Cable Arena
2012 Democratic Party National Political Convention.
Charlotte, North Carolina
September 4, 2012

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.52.13 PMImage from the Archive
Tampa Bay Times Forum
2012 Republican Party National Political Convention
August 2012

feb_24_iowa_with_mitt_IMG_5893_1002Image from the Archive
“Iowa Stands”
Johnson County GOP HQ
Coralville, Iowa
October 3, 2012

obama_2008_crowd_1000Image from the Archive
“Obama Campaign Rally”
Iowa City, Iowa
Fall 2007